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Sock Puppet Jennifer Meowzington

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Sock Puppet Jennifer Meowzington
Sock Puppet Jennifer Meowzington
Sock Puppet Jennifer Meowzington

It’s a one-of-a-kind, hand-made SOCK PUPPET created by Marty Allen, author of Sock Puppet Madness and creator of The Sock Puppet Portraits!

Jennifer Meowzington collects keys and buries them beneath trees. She looks forward to a lucrative retirement selling key trees. Hypo-allergic, you will not sneeze.

Each sock puppet is made from a nice soft sock, and has a hard cardboard oval reinforcing the interior of the mouth for your hand to slip around as well as a ball of cotton fluff (puppet brains) attached inside the top of their head, all making for a slightly more 'puppet-y' experience. The rest is made with craft foam, hot glue, markers, and love. Hand wash only!

Please note: while I take great care in making each and every puppet, and they are all quite sturdy, these sock puppets are NOT certified by any toy safety standards. Please play wisely!

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