Sock Puppet Portrait of Amelia Earhart

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Sock Puppet Portrait of Amelia Earhart
Sock Puppet Portrait of Amelia Earhart
Sock Puppet Portrait of Amelia Earhart

This is a framed photograph of Amelia Earhart!

Amelia was:
A famous pilot, an incredible woman, and an inspiration to us all.

Amelia's videos COMING SOON to Sock Puppet City:

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  • Amelia originally premiered as a member of the SERIES 3.5 Sock Puppet Portraits, one of three 'Noteorthy Kansans' created for Wonder Fair in Lawrence Kansas.
  • The Sock Puppet Portraits are framed photographs of sock puppets I make, each with a name, story, and elaborate life of their own. Learn more about their extensive history at
  • This edition is approximately 4.25"x3" in a baroque frame that is built ready-to-stand. Each giclee, fine art photo is protected under a plastic sheet. Each original piece is signed and dated on the back by the artist with the year of its creation.
  • The current batch of available Sock Puppet Portraits are a very limited prototype for my forthcoming RETURN OF THE SOCK PUPPET PORTRAITS full series re-release. 
  • I'm currently offering  painted frames at the same price, in the case of Amelia, I'm only offering her in a painted frame, because it just looks better. I'm doing this in some part to find out what people are more interested in. When the frame is painted, I've done the painting myself. The pictured paint is not precisely what you will get, since I'm experimenting a little right now, but it's in the color-ballpark.

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