About Marty's Sock Puppets



Over the last decade, I've been fortunate enough to sell my hand made sock puppets to thousands of families and folks. I've also been fortunate to work as a specialist in early childhood development as both a teacher and theater maker. Throughout this journey,  I've witnessed puppets open up magical spaces for kids of all ages. 

Puppets are amazing tools to explore:

  • imagination
  • language
  • listening
  • motor skills
  • storytelling

The by-the numbers recommended age is 3-11. But young people ages 2 and up can sometimes start puppeteering, depending on the little one's dexterity. And if they have a game adult, then puppets work great to open up play with even younger infants and toddlers. 

All of which is to say again that my sock puppets are for weird and cool kids of ALL AGES.


I take great pride and care in every piece I make, and I want anyone who gets one to be happy with it.

Every puppet is a hand-made art object made by the artist and creator, me, Marty Allen.

I only make a small number of each design, so each one might be a little different, but they are all 100% YOURS. A unique gift every time! My name and story is just a suggestion, feel free to make them all your own!


Each sock puppet is made from a nice soft sock, and has a hard cardboard oval reinforcing the interior of the mouth for your hand to slip around as well as a ball of cotton fluff (puppet brains) attached inside the top of their head that your fingers slip beneath, all making for a slightly more 'puppet-y' experience. The rest is made with non-toxic EV foam and love. Durable and fun, but hand wash only!

The puppet comes as-is, in its cute packaging:

Please note: While I take great care in making each and every puppet, and they are all quite sturdy, these sock puppets are NOT certified by any toy safety standards. Please play wisely!


All of my work comes from a bigger world and story called The 7 Layers of Space. Art, music, writing, and more, and you're a part of it all!

Sock Puppet City is one of those Layers, and you can learn all about it in my first novel, Theodore & The 7 Layers of Space, Book 1: Brick & Bird.

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