Sock Puppet Videoz

The Sock Puppet Portraits have lead many lives. Often their varied adventures are filmed and shared on any number of social media spaces and places. Two of their most reliable homes are on Youtube's Sock Puppet City and on my Martystuff TikTok.
For your somewhat centralized enjoyment, here is a selection, click to get 'em:
TCG Talks starring Terrycloth Green

ep 1: food
ep 2: tuesdays
ep 3: babies


Pizza the Puppet Cooks Pizza 

Originally on the Tik Tok:
Also on Youtubes


Sock Puppet Manor
Featuring  Lillith Lollybottom

featuring Zimmy Zambini (with a special guest appearance from Sgt Bullocks)
Uncle Monsterface in Time Square
A small sock puppet gets big in this classic adventure:

This is me on Instagram: