My Patreon!

The best way to support me directly as an artist and storyteller is through my Patreon!

First, here is the link:

Nearly all of the work that I do as a creator, from small sock puppet portraits to songs to theatrical plays to books, has a story to tell, and most of it comes from one big world of stories - The 7 Layers of Space! I decided to launch my Patreon alongside the release of the biggest story I’ve told yet - my first novel!

FYI: Patreon is a platform dedicated to giving creators a space to be directly supported by their fans. My Patreon breaks down to you signing up to give me a monthly donation of $5 in support of my work as a storyteller and  artist.  If you do, you can cancel at any time. Folks who sign up at $5 will first and foremost get their own pdf download of each chapter of my book as it releases, or can simply read the chapters in the Patreon app.

Patreon supporters also get a lot of extra content!

So far, among other stuff, Patreons have already gotten a very special unreleased deep dive Uncle Monsterface song from the 7 Layers of Space, which I’m unlocking to everyone today!  Check it out:


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